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Category Archives: Tutorials

Wrote a Book on Wedding Photography!

Hey all! I decided to do something positive with the time I was spending on airplanes, and in airports this year. I wrote a comprehensive guide of everything that I know about wedding photography. I really want it to become the #1 startup guide that other photographers say to check out when asked ‘How to […]

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DIY Ringlight – Arts and crafts Friday.

So I was walking down an aisle at Zellers yesterday, and I noticed a shiny turkey roasting pan. I figured, ‘Hey! I wonder what would happen if I fired a flash into one of these.’ (Alright, so that wasn’t my exact thought process) After picking up a few pie tins for good measure, I ventured […]

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Choosing a wedding photographer, and questions to ask.

Choosing your wedding photographer can range from a daunting, to a seriously insane process. Some couples get lucky. They pick up a student fresh out of college, and he does an amazing job. Or on the flip side, you pick a seasoned pro to photograph your wedding. They charge you an arm and a leg […]

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Tutorial: How to take great photos in low light concert photography

This is a basic overview of everything I know about concert photography, for big and small venues. I’ll hit the more important pieces with a more in depth post a little later.

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Tutorial: Making money with Microstock photography

There’s a lot of make money from home strategies on the internet – this one takes some work. And well…you have to leave your house to take some photos, unless you have a studio, or want to specialize in product or food photography. More or less, you’re selling your photos to anyone that would want […]

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