Hi all! I’ve been commissioned to capture both photo and video for the LPGA event in Waterloo this week. It’s a Monday – Sunday of 6:30am to 8pm photo days, so my email response times might be a bit slower than usual. Monday morning I’ll be back to normal life hours! (Note: after a week of 5:30am wakeups I’ll probably be sleeping until at least noon)

Here’s a shot from Wednesday morning:

A few weeks before the premiere for our last film, Startup Community, I was well into writing a script for a movie set in Paris. In April I was lucky enough to get out there to start scouting locations, and filming some initial pieces. I found a new/used film camera in NYC earlier in the month, and decided to put a roll in while I traveled around the city.

I was also lucky enough to have the best hotel room in the history of my travels:

After that it was off to Kuwait for an engagement session. More to come on that.